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Creativity and efficiency is the name of our game. We believe in helping you find the right path towards creative freedom.


We are a creative consultancy firm working the best creatives in every industry with services ranging from photography and videography to design and content creation.


We are dedicated to creating the ultimate seamless experience by offering a diversity of creative services with precision, technique, and passion.


We believe that you should have a designated team focused on aiding you throughout the process of crafting and implementing your vision.


Where ever you are we can go!


Schedule a meeting to discuss how you can discover your creative possibilities that best reflect your vision with creatives that will surpass your expectations today.


CEO of THEUNFOUNDDOOR and Account Manager of client projects, Ely Hemnes is our client’s primary contact for communication, organization, and logistical support. Her skills include building top-notch teams, constructing frameworks for artistic professionals, aiding clients in curating vision, internal & external strategy, translating client’s vision to technical staff, and managing timelines. Ely is also the quality assurance to assess product before delivery to client.

"I want to live in a world where hot air balloon travel is the only option, calories don’t lead to weight gain and people spontaneously break out into song and dance at least once a day. My name is Ely, pronounced Ellie, and plot twist: I am not a natural redhead."

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