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Having a strong, up-to-date photo of yourself on hand is smart business. Use it to burnish your image on your website, market yourself on LinkedIn and Twitter. The first thing someone will see at the top of your profile is your image. Your image is your personal brand and your chance to make a first impression. A headshot can say a lot about who you are and what your business is trying to accomplish. Having a headshot that does not correctly portray who you are and what your mission as a business is, is a great reason to get a new headshot.

Several things need to happen in order for you to have a killer headshot. Primarily, your headshot has to look professional and refined. It takes skill and talent to get the proper soft lighting, sharp focus, and expert composition that a talented headshot photographer provides. The headshot also has to look natural. If the pose, expression, lighting or composition of the shot looks forced or unnatural, it will undermine the purpose of having a headshot in the first place. And lastly, your headshot must reflect your personality. Only you can bring your personality to the shoot, but a great photographer can help spot it, capture it, and be sure it comes through in the final result.

Personality-Focused Corporate Headshots

Use your office as the background and add some personality to your company headshots

Various Locations

Brick Background

Natural Background

Office Setting

Clean Corporate Headshots

Solid backgrounds are a great option for your company's consistent headshots

Crisp White

Matte Grey

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